Monaco Revue   
Toasting Europe's finest financial advisors

When you've got a little extra pocket money, say $700 million, just what do you do with it? Where do you get a jet or an island, and can either be a tax write-off? If you want to share the wealth, to whom should you give and how do you ensure your gift really helps the cause you want it to? Should you invest in stocks or bonds or just go for a high-interest savings instrument? And what about, er, pre-nups and mid-nups?

There are flamboyant number-crunchers out there who specialize in answering just those questions. This past weekend the cream of the crop of Europe's financial advisors to the super wealthy gathered in Monaco to laud the best among them. The occasion was the inaugural Monte Carlo Platinum Awards organized by the London-based Citywealth magazine. "The business of wealth is a closed world, a close-knit group that very few outside of its circle understand," said Citywealth's founder and editor Karen Jones. The awards allow newcomers to the world of private wealth management to know the financial advisors who have been deemed by their peers to be the best in the business.

With Monaco-based athlete, sports broadcaster and businesswoman Tracy Mattes acting as emcee, the awards gala raised funds to support Outward Bound Monaco, much to the delight of the charity's ambassador, Judy Churchill.

Photos: © Edward Wright
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Karen Jones and Tracy Mattes
Monaco Joshua Rubenstein, Irene Luke and Sarah Dunn
Karen Marks and Russell Bussey
Monaco Carolyn Parkes, Stella Mitchell-Voisin, Suzanne Reisman and Claire Usher-Wilson
Penny Lovell, Andrew Young and Daniel Martineau
Monaco Stella and Dominic Voisin with Thierry Racine
Judy Churchill, Judge Bruno Nedelec and his wife Lilia
Monaco Andrew Weight and Paul Imison

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