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Blessing the beasts and the children
Monaco Revue caught up with internationally renowned artist Nall at the opening of Monaco's Sacred Music Festival just as he was about to take up baby-sitting duties.

"You go in and enjoy the music and I'll look after them," he told his wife as he settled on the steps of Saint Nicholas Cathedral.

The "them" referred to Pnut, a  bushy-tailed, black pooch, and Rose, a Yorkie who Nall said was irritable because she'd had her fur trimmed for the day's outing.

Did they receive a blessing from the Archbishop?

"Of course," Nall
said proudly.

They wouldn't miss it; not when their papa was the instigator of the event which saw cats and dogs (and one frog, a priest said) being blessed by Monseigneur Bernard Barsi, assisted by  friars from the Basilica of St Francis of Assisi.

St Pier in Monaco
Nall on the steps of the Cathedral with Rose and Pnut
The idea for a blessing of the animals came to Nall, an Alabama-born artist based in the French Riviera, when he worked last year among the Franciscans, who commissioned him to interpret the theme of Violata-Pax, translated as "Wounded Peace". (The pieces from that commission, including a large statue of a dove missing its right foot, toured France, Italy, Monaco and the United States.) Inspired by the legend of the love the order's founder, St Francis, had for all creatures, Nall decided to add a blessing of animals to the Sacred Music Festival he has organized in Monaco for the last five years.

All proceeds from the festival, which draws musicians and choirs from France, Monaco and Italy, go towards saving children of Sudan from hunger and slavery.

"These Sudanese children may be hundreds of miles away, but they are our children," parish priest Father Philippe Blanc wrote in the program. "To be able to accept in this day and age that they be sold like merchandise is to accept man's ruin."

The blessing of the animals took place on the opening night only, but the Monaco Sacred Music Festival continues on June 06 (La Passione Secondo San Marco de Perosi, presented by the choir and symphony orchestra of San Remo) and June 18 (Le Stabat Mater de Rossini, presented by the choir and orchestra of the Nice Opera).

"I think it's fitting to think of the animals and the vulnerable children of Sudan at a festival of sacred music," Nall said, as Pnut and Rose nibbled bits of bread from his hand. "They need us to take care of them."


Photos: © DP Inc.

Monaco Monaco
(Left) Second from left, Melanie de Lusignan, granddaughter of Princess Antoinette
(Right) Princess Antoinette, sister of the late Prince Rainier and aunt of the current sovereign
(Left) A Franciscan brother captures the moment with his Nikon D-series digital SLR camera
(Right) Musicians from across the region come to help raise funds for Sudanese children

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