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Americans in Monaco back Hillary

Well, the folk in the Monaco-USA Association have singnalled who they want to see in the White House -- and she's a Democrat.

Even when Hillary Clinton's campaign looked to be in limbo, last Tuesday (Mar 04), members of the social club backed the former First Lady to return to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW. This was several hours before news came that Clinton had pulled off wins in real polls in Texas, Ohio and Rhode Island, injecting some life back into her ailing bid for the top job.


Monaco-USA's vice president Kay Eude and committee member Camille Delorme announce the results of the fun poll.
In the fun presidential primary poll among members at Monaco-USA's monthly meeting, Clinton got 50 per cent of the ballots, while the real Democratic front runner. Barack Obama, mustered only 30 per cent. We'll hazard a guess that the outcome may be have had something to do with the fact that the majority of members at the meeting were women above 30.

And while the Democrats got a whopping 80 per cent of the votes, Senator John McCain was favoured by 13 per cent, and Ron Paul got the backing of seven per cent of the members.

Interestingly, one person voted for Prince Albert II of Monaco, ruler of the world's second smallest state, to be elevated to Commander in Chief and leader of the world's most powerful nation....


The Wright exhibit at La Fonderie

British Association of Monaco president Rob Rutter was among guests who gathered at La Fonderie last Thursday (Mar 06) for the vernissage of Edward Wright's photo exhibit. The walls of the cozy restaurant, located exactly on the north eastern border of Monaco and France, display black and white portraits of some of the famous people the British photographer has snapped, as well as whimsical studies of everyday objects, and poignant images of New York's skyline before 9/11.

The exhibition continues till the end of this week. It had been running for two months. So why the private viewing only now? It's because Ed and his wife Lindsay cleared their schedules for the arrival of Zianna, their first child.

Ed has been based in Monaco for some 30 years, and is a friend of Monaco Revue (you can see his snaps in some of our previous Social Diary reports). He is currently working on a book of portraits, a charitable project to benefit children in need.

Proud parents Ed and Lindsay with newborn Zianna. In the background is a photo of Robbie Williams by Ed, one of several black and white portraits in the exhibit at La Fonderie.

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Brenda B.,  Pennsylvania

Posted at 8:40am on Sunday, March 16th, 2008

Obama is going to get the nomination. Hillary, to her credit, is a fighter, but by being just like the all those other men who've led the world into trouble, she is doing disservice to her gender, not to mention herself in this election when people want CHANGE. She will have no choice but to step as... read more »

Lucy Combs,  Houston, Texas

Posted at 1:55pm on Friday, March 14th, 2008

Why does Monaco care if Hillary wins? Prince Albert is a very good leader. If I had to choose between Hillary and Prince Albert; I would choose Prince Albert as my leader. Texas annouced at 1:00 a.m. that Hillary had won Texas. There were people voting until 3:00 a.m. Hillary does not offically win ... read more »


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