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Outward Bound Monaco's local challenge

Eight youth from the region will this month leave the comforts of city life behind to become pioneers in the Riviera's hinterland.

The chosen teens, aged between 15 and 18, will be the first to embark on an Outward Bound outdoor adventure on the Cote d'Azur.

Outward Bound was established in England during World War II to help young people face challenges so they could realize their ability to overcome obstacles and thereby build confidence in themselves. The concept rapidly spread across the British Commonwealth and other countries. A few years ago, a Monaco satellite of the UK organisation was established under the patronage of Prince Albert II and Prince Andrew, the Duke of York.

"Our initial aim was to help sponsor young people locally from the Monaco go to the UK to benefit from the summer Outward Bound course," says Judy Churchill, general secretary of Outward Bound Monaco.

This month, the local organisation is financing a Riviera-based challenge run by The Outward Bound Trust, UK, which will see the eight youth involved in team rowing in Monaco Harbour, hill walking near Peille, taking on the Mercantour Via Ferrata, and rock climbing at Barre de Loubiere. The organisers expect the four-day challenge will leave a lasting impression on the participants.

"What we're really looking for are...young people who are motivated really want to do something to work a) with other people, b) work on perhaps improving themselves, both physically and mentally, and are prepared to go for any challenge," says Churchill. "We don't ask people to be successful at everything, we ask people to try."


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