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Monaco Revue for television documentary

Steve and Stephanie James of Shakti Productions with Monaco Revue editor Celia Sankar (center) in Monaco.

With Monaco Revue online and the recently launched glossy print version, we're in the business of bringing you the news and features about this glamourous principality and the interesting people who live here or drop by for a visit. What an experience it has been to find our work in the lens of another media company.

Monaco Revue and its philanthropic efforts are the focus of a documentary by Shakti Productions, a television production company based in the Caribbean, which came to Monaco in July to work on the project. Among the events they filmed was a courtesy meeting at the Monaco National Council in which editor Celia Sankar presented the launch issue of Monaco Revue to President Stephane Valerie.

The half-hour documentary is part of a series on Caribbean women (such as Monaco Revue's Trinidad-born editor) who are involved in notable projects abroad. The series has in the past presented portraits of
Caribbean women based at home in the region, among them Milagros Ortiz-Bosch, Vice-President of the Dominican Republic; Hazel Manning, Trinidad Minister of Education (and wife of the Prime Minister of Trinidad); and Dame Pearlette Louisy, Governor General of Saint Lucia.

"We were especially touched by the efforts of Celia Sankar who is actually using this revue as a means to finance the education of orphans of AIDS," said Stephanie James of Shakti productions.

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Samadhi Garrison,  NYC

Posted at 8:05pm on Saturday, August 16th, 2008

Women West Indies is an incredible show and has inspired not only many women but teenagers also. Thank you Shakti Productions for all the amazing projects you brought to life to show the whole world how incredible, beautiful and creative the Caribbean islands are.


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