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Monaco Revue at the National Council

The glossy print edition of Monaco Revue is now out. Intended for a select readership of women in Monaco and across the Riviera, and, later, further afield in London, Toronto and New York, the magazine presents the glamour of this enchanting principality, as well as inspirational stories about celebrities who visit and persons of note from here.

Monaco Revue and its philanthropic efforts are the focus of a documentary by Shakti Productions, a foreign television company which came to Monaco in July to work on the project. Among the events they filmed was a courtesy meeting at the Monaco National Council in which editor Celia Sankar presented the launch issue of Monaco Revue to President Stephane Valerie.

Sankar noted that the raison d'Ítre of the magazine is to raise funds on a sustainable basis to support organizations that
provide an education to orphans of AIDS in Africa.

"It's a new media for the principality of Monaco and I really, sincerely wish you great success for you and for the magazine," Valerie said.

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