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Fashion for floors

Floors have not been getting quite the respect they deserve, if you listen to avant garde carpet designer Kamyar Moghadam. He's advocating equal treatment for these places which we may have grown accustomed to simply walking all over.

With "Fashion for Floors", his new line, he says:  "You look at your floor the same way you look at yourself.
dress up: you dress your floor the same way you dress yourself. That's the idea."

Kamyar borrows techniques and materials from the fashion industry to create unique and luxurious pieces that could easily pass for works of art. Making no concessions to animal rights activists such as PETA, he mixes fur and leather in exquisite bed runners. "When you get out of the bed in the morning and you walk on that piece, you can only have a good day," he says. Another creation is a patchwork of raw silk and hand-dyed raw cashmere, which could work equally as a wall hanging or a floor covering, Kamyar suggests.

With saving the environment being such a hot issue, Kamyar even has a carpet that embraces eco-friendly principles. Instead of letting old jeans go to the landfill, he cuts them into bits and crafts them into a quilted denim carpet.

Kamyar represents the second generation of the renowned Moghadam carpet house in Monte Carlo, which bears the title "official supplier to S.A.S. The Sovereign Prince of Monaco". And although Monaco's current ruler Prince Albert II promotes himself as a champion of the environment, there was no word from Kamyar as to whether princely feet tread on such recycled jeans up at the Palace.

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