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Azim Jamal is an inspirational speaker, management consultant, executive coach, and international best-selling author. His work has been recognized by leading thinkers in the field of human potential including Dr Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy and Dr Ken Blanchard. The Corporate Sufi applies timeless Sufi principles to the modern corporate world, examining the uncommon connection between an age-old philosophy for living and working in the 21st century.Visit

Are you living by principles, ethics and trust?

In addition to providing clarity of purpose and tapping into the team's potential, principles and ethics are necessary. They form part of the mission statement and the foundation that you will not compromise to get to your vision. Once you are grounded in principles, they become your foundation. They do not change with the tide. Everything changes around you, but your principles remain intact and are the anchor of your ship. It is the people who make or break a company. When we start making lapses, our integrity loses its power. As Tom Peters states, "There is no such thing as a minor lapse of integrity."

Jimmy Carter said, "When I left the White House, I was in despair. I think everybody has to be prepared in life for failures or disappointments or frustrated dreams or even embarrassments. You have to accommodate changing times but cling to unchanging principles. If you do have an extreme change in your life that is unpleasant, what are the principles that don't change, on which you can build a new life, a better life, a more adventurous life?"

This was a president who grew up in an isolated town of only 500 people. No one in his family had finished high school; yet he studied nuclear physics, entered politics and became the thirty-ninth president of the United States. Being grounded in principles and values applies to everyone in all walks of life.

How about you?

Are youl living by principles, values and ethics?

Are you giving respect and saving face?

A participant at one of my events shared a situation in which he had replaced a supervisor who was demoted to another position in the same team. The participant shared his frustration at not only not getting cooperation from his predecessor but also having the whole team support the old leader. Another participant shared a similar situation, but with a positive outcome. This other participant said that when she realized what was happening, she was extra careful in terms of making sure that the old leader "saved face" among his peers. She did that by showing tremendous respect to the previous leader, involving him in key decisions and seeking guidance from him in front of his peers.

The participant said she did that for three reasons. Firstly, she wanted to avoid him not cooperating and having his old team side with him. Secondly, she needed his help to take over this new position, and thirdly, the old supervisor had certain strengths which she did not have. Giving respect and allowing the old leader to save face created a favorable outcome for all concerned.

How about you?

Are you sensitive enough to get the best out of a situation?

Are you trying to be big or to be dominant?

Smaller companies have an edge over their giant counterparts because of their resourcefulness as well as their focus. Google is miniscule compared to Microsoft, but it dominates search engines because of its focus and thus has an edge over Microsoft in that area. Whole Foods Market is valued at less than 10 per cent of Kroger, but Whole Foods dominates the natural food market, not Kroger. Because of its focus on that segment of the market, Whole Foods Market is the world's largest retailer of natural and organic foods with stores throughout North America and the United Kingdom.

Jet Blue Airways is tiny compared to United Airlines. United Airlines operates more than 3,600 flights a day to more than 210 U.S. and international destinations, whereas Jet Blue only flies to more than 50 destinations. Yet Jet Blue was soaring high without mega mergers by offering some unique features while United was struggling. Jet Blue was able to figure out what their customers needed and responded by providing these extra services.

How about you?

Are you chasing “big” or success?

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Azim Jamal

The Corporate Sufi
by Azim Jamal