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Holly: Parenting is my biggest achievement

Lauren Holly is watched every week by 15 million US fans and millions more around the world as she plays the no-nonsense Naval intelligence boss Jennifer Shephard on the hit CBS drama NICS. She was once Deputy Maxine Stewart on the Emmy Award-winning tv series Picket Fences. And she was the on-screen love interest of her real life ex-husband Jim Carrey in the US$250 million comedy blockbuster Dumb and Dumber.

But ask her what's her greatest achievement and Holly's thoughts run to a different kind of role.

"I think I'm a very good mother," she says.

Being a mom was so important to her, she took a few years off acting and moved to Forrest Park, IL, to raise her sons, the eldest of whom is now six.

Parenthood was a very deliberate choice for the daughter of two academics who grew up in Geneva, NY, surrounded by lots of extended family. She adopted three boys, fulfilling a childhood promise she made to herself after she was deeply touched by a television program about children who needed foster families or adoption.

"It was just horrible to me when I realized when I was a little girl that somebody

could have no family and I made a decision that no matter what I was going to adopt a child," she says.

Holly concedes that it may seem to critics that adoption is the latest trendy must-do for celebrities, but she thinks women's modern lifestyles may be a better explanation.

“Maybe it's just that women are waiting too long or romances don't seem to go very well in show business and they're single,” Holly suggests.

Of her own divorce from Carrey, Holly says it was simply a matter of it not being a match made to last: “I was with Jim for many many years, more than I was married. He was a fantastic guy, but [it was] not the right marriage.”

Holly adopted her three Colombian boys along with her investment banker husband Francis Greco, whom she married in 2001 and describes as “the man I wanted to have a family with.” They have no plans to adopt any more children or to have biological ones.

“I don't need my own because I have three amazing chidren I would be almost afraid at what I would create in comparason,” Holly says.

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Jessica,  Ontario

Posted at 2:02pm on Friday, November 9th, 2007

I agree...a lot of celebrities that adopt children don't seem that stable to me but I'm happy for Lauren in the decision that she's made!

Willma,  Boston

Posted at 7:02pm on Saturday, September 15th, 2007

Lauren Holly looks and sounds stable enough and in a secure enough relationship to raise children. Some of the other celebrities who have adopted, I'm not so sure one can say the same.


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