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Lesley-Anne's trans-Atlantic success

Lesley-Anne Down’s daily assignment for the last five years has included trying to wrest the fashion empire from her rival Stephanie Forrester, and conniving to steal the woman’s husband.

“I am so lucky to be doing The Bold and the Beautiful; I thank the Lord every day,” the British actress said of her part as Jacqueline Payne Marone, the vixen who has no qualms about moving in on other people’s property in the mega daytime soap opera.

In real life, she has been happily married for more than two decades. But it was not always so.

Her “personal life went to complete craziness” when she had married a powerful Hollywood figure many years previously, she said. The disaster was very instructive.

“You should never ever get married to somebody that you don’t truly love,” Down said. “It doesn’t matter that you feel that they are successful or that they can offer you things. You should only get married for love. It’s a very bad mistake not to.”

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