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Monaco can boast of some of the most exclusive hotel properties on the planet and they have been serving up vacations of luxury and glamour to generations of well-heeled tourists. Does it cost a pretty penny? You bet. This is afterall the land where the seriously wealthy come to pamper themselves. But don't worry. Just about anybody on any budget can also get in on the pleasures Monaco offers, that is if you learn some insider secrets.

Hot Tip: How would you like to reserve a standard room at a luxury hotel but actually stay in a pricier chamber without paying the difference? What about getting a free helicopter ride (worth over US$120) from Nice airport and dropping into Monaco in style? Would you say no to  US$90 in entry passes to all Monaco's museums?  All of these goodies are bundled up in a membership package that  costs either US$35 or US$55, according to how exclusive you want to get. Le Club Diamant Rouge de Monaco is a service provided by the Monaco government's Tourist Office. That annual membership fee really goes a long way, because when you're on the ground in Monaco, you simply show your club card and watch as the principality's merchants and restaurateurs not only treat you like royalty, but also knock dollars off your bill.

Visit: Le Club Diamant Rouge de Monaco

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Hotels in Monaco:

From US$95 to $149 per night

Hotel Le Versailles
Hotel de France
Hotel Alexandra

From US$150 to US$300 per night

Hotel Ambassador
Tulip Inn Monaco Terminus

Three Star & Three Star Deluxe Hotels

Miramar Hotel
Columbus Hotel

Four Star
& Four Star Deluxe Hotels

Le Meridien Beach Plaza
Hotel Mirabeau
Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel
Monte-Carlo Beach Hotel

Fairmont Monte Carlo
Hotel Port Palace
Hotel Metropole
Hotel Hermitage
Hotel de Paris

Hot Tip: If a stay in the principality's least expensive rooms still doesn't do it for you, that need not result in your missing out on a Monaco visit. Cross the border into France and you'll be in more affordable territory. Literally a few paces can save you a bundle. Beausoleil is the best option as it adjoins Monaco, and is even called "Upper Monaco" by some. It's just a few steps up from the Golden Square, which actually refers to a circle around which stand the Casino, the Hotel de Paris, the Cafe de Paris, and the Casino Gardens. As Beausoleil is on a hill overlooking the principality, you'll have all of Monaco at your feet.

Hotels in Beausoleil:

Under US$95 per night

Hotel DIana
Hotel Azur
Hotel Villa Boeri

From US$95 to $149 per night

Hotel Olympia
Hotel Forum

There are other choices in France for a base from which to explore Monaco.

Cap d'Ail also shares a border with Monaco, but it's more of a residential community hugging west Monaco where the tourist attractions peter out. So, unless you are the type of vacationer who likes to visit the local college or hang out in long supermarket queues, you may feel a little isolated. A bargain bed would still be worth it, though.  It's not just a hop and skip like Beausoleil to get to your day's sightseeing, but the stroll won't kill you.

Hotels in Cap d'Ail:

Under US$95 per night

Hotel Miramar
Hotel Normandy

From US$150 to US$300 per night

Riviera Marriott

To the east of Monaco is Cap Roquebrune, another residential French community that can put you up for your Monaco holiday.

Hotels in Cap Roquebrune:

Under US$95 per night

Hotel Westminster
Hotel Regency
Hotel Reine d'Azur
Hotel Europe Village
Hotel Alexandra

From US$95 to $149 per night

Les Deux Freres

From US$150 to US$300 per night

Le Roquebrune

While a bit further off, Nice is still a nice (sorry, we couldn't help ourselves) choice. If you are flying into the region, you are going to land in Nice in any case, as Monaco doesn't have its own airport (being itself just the length of a landing strip). Nice is the second most popular tourist destination in France (after Paris) so it offers an abundance of choice in accommodation, sights and activities. Monaco is just a half hour's trip on the (mostly) reliable rail service, and the return fare is under US$10. At half that cost is a bus ticket between Nice and Monaco, which will give you a stunning hour-long ride with breathtaking views of the bluest waters that will have you speaking in superlatives for days.

Hotels in Nice:

Nice offers everything from a hostel bed for US$36, to One Star hotels rooms under US$50 per night, right through to your Four Star luxuries (which are less costly than their Monaco counterparts). You can get great deals through Monaco Revue's booking service.

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