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First,a quick word about what Monaco Revue is not. This is definitely not a tourism brochure put out by the government of Monaco to woo you to this tiny European principality on the Mediterranean though a holiday here wouldn't be a bad idea, if you can afford it, and it's actually more within reach than you may think (see our tourism section). Okay, now that we've got that out of the way, let's move on to what Monaco Revue is in fact all about.

Monaco Revue is a celebrity and lifestyle magazine with purpose.

Monaco Revue is a hybrid commercial/philanthropic venture by the not-for-profit DiversityCanada Foundation in collaboration with a private Canadian media company, Damascus Press Inc. (D.P. Inc.). The DiversityCanada Foundation's vision is of a fairer world, a more equitable society in which each child, regardless of background, has the opportunity to develop his or her full potential; it thus works to promote diversity, inclusion and harmony in Canada and around the world. D.P. Inc. is a media firm whose team collectively have over three decades of international experience in broadcasting, as well as in newspaper, book, magazine and online publishing.

Our pledge is to never lose sight of the people touched by this undertaking.

First, there's you, the reader. In this online magazine, we bring you personality profiles and lifestyle features to entertain and enlighten you, no matter where they originate (although the majority of interviews take place in the enchanting setting of Monaco), and no matter where you are. Our guiding rule is that if we are going to ask you to spend some of your time with us, we should give you a good read and tell you something interesting you would like to know about the things you care about.

We view readers' curiosity about people who fascinate us as natural. These may be entertainment celebrities, artists, writers, religious leaders, environmentalists, politicians, or ordinary folk who have accomplished extraordinary feats. You want to know just how these people who have catapulted out of a routine existence are experiencing life and so do we. At the same time, we believe everybody deserves to be treated with dignity and respect; we also believe that satisfying our curiosity about other people's lives should be an experience that is uplifting for the subjects, the readers and the media professionals who bring these stories to you. Hence, we will never indulge in gossip; scandals will never be our focus; and we will never resort to stalking or harassment. While we make no attempt at beatifying anyone, Monaco Revue is conceived as a place where people in the spotlight can share with the world their passions and the true person behind the image that puts them in that spotlight.

Monaco Revue is also about living well. From a base in one of the world's centers of glamour and luxury, Monaco Revue aims to bring you lifestyle features showcasing some of the hot new trends as well as delving into cherished traditions in beauty, fashion, home decor, food and entertaining, gardening, health and fitness, leisure, and travel.

Monaco Revue has a further, greater purpose. This is a commercial venture. However, we believe commerce is only a starting point, and that the real reason for the generation of wealth is to contribute to making the world a better place. That is why we have chosen to dedicate half of the profits from Monaco Revue to establishing a fund to help orphans of AIDS in Africa receive an education, and to dedicate the rest to ensuring the longterm viability of the venture.

Monaco Revue has identified the following organizations
to receive support from the Monaco Revue Orphan Fund:

Mission Enfance, a Monaco-based charitable organization that acts as
"a field operator" specialized in educational help and assistance to children in need


AOET (AIDS Orphans Education Trust), a Uganda-based, independent,
indigenous non-governmental organization whose prime mandate is to provide formal and/or vocational education to orphans of AIDS.

We believe this is a win-win-win proposition for readers, for celebrities and for the underprivileged, and we thank you for stopping by to be a part of it.

Monaco Revue is published through a collaboration between the DiversityCanada Foundation and D.P. Inc., 95 Hutchison Avenue, Elliot Lake, ON, Canada, P5A 1W9
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Prince Albert II of Monaco at his Palace office with Celia Sankar, Editor of Monaco Revue
and Executive Director of DiversityCanada
Media mogul Rupert Murdoch, whose News Corp. controls The Times and Sunday Times of London, Fox, and HarperCollins books,
with Sankar at his New York headquarters