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Monaco Revue is a hybrid commercial/philanthropic venture by the not-for-profit DiversityCanada Foundation in collaboration with a private Canadian media company, Damascus Press Inc. (D.P. Inc.). The DiversityCanada Foundation's vision is of a fairer world, a more equitable society in which each child, regardless of background, has the opportunity to develop his or her full potential; it thus works to promote diversity, inclusion and harmony in Canada and around the world. D.P. Inc. is a media firm whose team collectively have over three decades of international experience in broadcasting, as well as in newspaper, book, magazine and online publishing.

Like with most media ventures, at Monaco Revue our revenues are earned through the support of corporate partners, through subscriptions by individuals (however, in our case, most of what we produce is free to readers and Internet visitors), and through the sale of sundry related goods and services.  We encourage you to visit and make purchases from the sites of the vendors and manufacturers you see at Monaco Revue. Your support of them in turn supports us.

Our actions are guided by the belief that we as individuals have a responsibility to develop and explore our talents to the fullest and that we should use those talents in a manner which contributes to making this world a better place. We also believe that each of us has a responsibility towards those with whom we share this planet, all of whom we consider our brothers and sisters.

Based on this philosophical position, Monaco Revue dedicates half of the profits from this venture to a fund to ensure orphans of AIDS in Africa receive a sound education, with the other half dedicated to ensuring the longterm viability of the venture. Africa is the continent worst afflicted by this epidemic, and its children are the most vulnerable to its tragic consequences. The problem is indeed large; the United Nations reports some 12 million children have been left behind to fend for themselves after losing their parents. While idealistic, we are not naive enough to imagine we can save the world. However, we believe we must do what we can.

Experience has made it clear that education is key to allowing those born into diffcult circumstances to  improve their condition. Thus, in the course of carrying out our business, we seek to make a contribution to as many childrens' lives as possible by helping them receive an education that enables them to make a success of their lives so they, in turn, can contribute to making this world a better place.

Monaco Revue has identified the following organizations to receive support from the Monaco Revue Orphan Fund:

Mission Enfance, a Monaco-based charitable organization that acts as "a field operator" specialized in educational help and assistance to children in need

M.A.P. (Monaco Aide et Présence), a Monaco-based charitable organization which, for the last 30 years, has worked in four continents on long-term projects which focus on education and health

AOET (AIDS Orphans Education Trust), a Uganda-based, independent, indigenous non-governmental organization whose prime mandate is to provide formal and/or vocational education to orphans of AIDS.


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Prince Albert II of Monaco at his Palace office with Celia Sankar, Editor of Monaco Revue
and Executive Director of DiversityCanada
Media mogul Rupert Murdoch, whose News Corp. controls The Times and Sunday Times of London, Fox, and HarperCollins books,
with Sankar at his New York headquarters