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Sports hero: Lee Evans

No matter what you are striving to achieve in life, one thing is certain reaching for your goals will take you out of your comfort zone. That's sometimes scary, but it's also what makes going after your dreams an enriching and vitalizing experience. Monaco Revue's TALKING SUCCESS brings you our discussions with achievers in various fields on how they achieved success. Principles of success are transferable across all fields. So we hope that whatever your dreams, you'll be inspired by these interviews to achieve your own success.

US sprinter

Accomplishment: Double gold medallist at the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City; in the 400m race and as anchorman on the 4x400 relay team

In a nutshell:
"I believed that I had the best coach in the world, I believed and I was working and training harder than any one else in the world, thus I should be successfu."

"At the end, the most important thing is hard work and beilving."

"...visualization, seeing myself be successful, to me was one of the most important things. If I was to set a world record, I would do it four or five hours a day."


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